Romanian Chinologic Association is in position to communicate to all interested and involved persons in Romanian shepherd breed international homologation:

According with decisions taken in March, 30 2002, at Bistrita, the breeders and the leaders involved in Romanian shepherd dogs decided to join their forces to fulfill all the necessary documentation for international homologation of the following breeds:

  • Carpatin Romanian shepherd dog;

  • Bucovina Romanian shepherd dog;

  • Mioritic Romanian shepherd dog.

The documents procession stage in this moment is

  • Bucovina Romanian shepherd's documentation is finalized and in this period it is set up the file for FCI approval

  • Carpatin Romanian shepherd's documentation is 60% finalized and, in the next couple of weeks we have to receive the rest of the necessary documents to complete the FCI file.

  • Mioritic Romanian shepherd's documentation has to be centralized from Mioritic breeders and local associations.

Taking in consideration the above facts, Romanian Chinologic Association consider that it fulfill his commitments and hope that, in may 2003, at FCI General Assembly, at Dortmund, the Romanian Breeds will began the 10 years homologation process.




Bucuresti 27.02.2003


Press release - CNCCRRCRC - national club of CARPATIN breeders

CNCCRCRC has finalized the Carpatin international required documentation for FCI homologation file. This documents cover all elements required by FCI instructions and there are delivered to Romanian Chinologic Association.

In this way, we carry out a duty of honor for Romanian Chinologic Association, duty we assumed from establishment and our confidence that, at last, Romania will be among the countries with international homologated national breed

This represents a collective achievement, the sum of passion efforts, hardness and professionalism by numerous breeders in during decades for breed development and consolidation

We consider that is time for everybody to understand that the international homologation of this breed is above any individual or group interest



 Vasile Turculet


On July 12th, 2003 took place at Arad the reunion of Managing Board of A.Ch.R. Mr. Dr.Kelemen has inform about FCI General Assembly from Dortmund:

  • Mr. Dr.Kelemen discussed with Mr. Prof.Triquet, the President of FCI Standard Committee about Romanian national shepherd breeds homologation. Mr. Prof. Triquet has declare that he received the standards projects and their files and he said that there are correctly well set.
  • Also, Mr. Dr. Kelemen signalizes that Mr. Dr.Urosevic try to accredit the idea of one Balkan shepherd breed. We do not agree this idea and, for defeat it, Mr. Dr. Kelemen contact the other Balkan countries delegations (Greek, Bulgaria, Croatia) to establish a common strategy against it.
  • Mr. Dr. Kelemen consider that, we have to increase our efforts in Romanian shepherd breeds popularization, to publish a prospectus in international languages, and to find out financial resources for this projects

On September 27th, 2003 took place the reunion of  FCI Standard Committee and on 8th November the FCI Scientific Committee. After these reunions, the FCI secretariat announced that that the above two committee give their favorable advice note about Romanian shepherd breed international homologation: