Romanian shepherd dogs, strong and rustic, they are for century partners of the  Carpathians Mountain shepherds.

                Their main assignment was and remain to guard and protect the herd or their owners property from predators and thieves

                Today, Romanian shepherds dogs are appreciated evan by the people who live in villages and towns for guarding or pets, because their equilibrate behavior and their devotion to owners

                 There are three Romanian shepherds breeds:

                 From July 7th, 2005, the breeds “Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog”, “ Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog” are recognised by the FCI on a provisional basis. 

                 About the Bucovina Romanian sheepdog the FCI General Committee decide to anlyse this race/variety conected to the file of  Balcanic Shepherds


Carpatin Romanian sheepdog 

Mioritic  Romanian sheepdog

Bucovina Romanian sheepdog - clasamente si statistici pentru site-urile romanesti