Romanian shepherd dog of Bucovina was considered for a period as belong to Romanian Carpatin shepherd dog. It is obvious that there are a lot of important differences between this two breeds. Evan a non specialist can see that the Bucovina dogs ( molossoid dogs), are more strong and powerful with a stronger skeleton, with more massive heads and heavy lips.

According with Mr. Petru Muntean, international referee, ď The problem is, these are natural breeds, not elaborated in labs or by breeders with a very regular selection program. This dogs are used for the peasant or the herdsman in their yards or sheepfold, they are natural dogs, working dogs, and for generations they do the same jobs, and selection were made empiric. People select their dogs by the working qualities and the resistance at climate conditions. So is obvious that this breeds were established as natural breeds like anywhere in the world. It is very important that people understand that  Romanian shepherd dog of Bucovina is different from Romanian Carpatin shepherd dog. I admit that I follow this way very strong. We were also very interested what is going on in all Balkans and in the south of Danube(the role of Doctor Urosevic were very important in this). We study all the related breeds: The Bulgarians want to homologate a breed named Karakatcean, in Bosnia and in Hertegovina exist a dog named Tornjak and in Serbia, in Koponic region exist a similar dog, the Croatians want to homologate a very like dog as Tornjak named Hrvatski Planinski Pasand in  Greece does exist the Sarakatcean. This is reality and canít be denied.


Ciobanesc grec - Hellenikos Poimenikos


Ciobanesc croat  -  Tornjak


Ciobanesc bulgar - Karakatchan


Ciobanesc romanesc de Bucovina